Frequently Asked Questions

Italy Travel Specialist is a registered company based in Calabria/Italy, respecting national and international Laws and regulations regarding tourism and transportation.


There are many advantages to hiring a personal driver but it is very important to contact the right people who are licensed and registered with the Chamber of Commerce, people who are experienced, friendly, multilingual and care about making your visit to Italy unique and memorable. Those people are the professionals here at ITS.


Important Note:

When you travel to Italy, make sure the company you are deal with is a registered company and has a insurance protection. In accordance to the Italian Law verify that the company is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with the appropriate ID-number as tour organizer-operator, as professional tour guide and tour escort or as a professional transportation company. If that is real, you are contacting the right people and you are protect as tourists.


Q? Documents:


Before the tour begins check your travel documents:


• Passport valid for six months beyond the completation of your trip to Italy

• ATM credit Card (necessary to cashwidrawl at bancomat)

• Credit Card

• Itinerary

• Travel Vouchers

• Transfers Informations

• Contact Numbers in Italy ( Hotels & Tour Director )


Clarify before departure all questions with the Tour Operator Company.

Please informe Us of any eventual delays accures to your trip while you are on the way.

For general info about Italy, please visit:


Contact: Italy 011 39 366 188 12 66 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q? Arrival


You will be greeted at the airport by our Italian tour leader or assistant as you exit the baggage claim area. Look for the sign that as your name on or look for the company logo name - Italy Travel Specialist.

Q? Luggage

A. One large suitcase and one carry-on per person is what we usually recommend to avoid any extra costs at the airport. Note with the recent tightening of security, particularly for international flights, the airline may be less flexible with the size of your carry-on.

Q? Customs & Visa

A. Please check in your Country before departure, if you need a Visa before you reach the Country you are going to. For US citizens they do not need to pay a Visa or request one before departure if your visit in Italy is for Tourism or Leisure.

Q? American Customs

A. Upon returning to USA you have to clear customs. Each person is allowed to bring home goods worth $ 800,00 USD, one quarter of liquor, 2 bottles of wine, 200 cigarettes duty free. For anything over this amount or any other expensive items, it is advisable to keep the respective receipts.

Q? TAX Free - Shopping

A. All visitors Extra UE (European Union), not citizens of Europe, they all have special benefits while shopping in Italy, if you look for the label TAX-Free at the shopp, you are in the right one, so the taxes are giving you back at Custom when you will leave the Country or you can claim at the last European airport before you are leave.

Q? Insurance

A. Traveling abroad is always better to be covered by a tourist insurance for medical needs and to insure your luggage as well. In different areas of the world, it is extremely necessary. Please contact Us if you need one or for any inquires.

Q? Security


Please place your passport, airline ticket and valuables in the safety box in your hotel room. On streets and subways (METRO) robberies do occur. Therefore, we recommend not carrying any valuables and big amount of money in your handbags. Also, be extremely careful with your back pockets. In the event of a mishap, notify the local Police immediately and check with your Tour Director. Also, be careful with “bargains” ( antiques, watches, purses, etc.) as they are usually nothing but fake. In case of stolen/lost credit card you should immediately cancel it by using the following toll free numbers


AMEX  800 874333 (for lost/stolen card )

   800 872000 (for lost/stolen T-checks)

VISA 800 877232

MASTER 800 870866

DISCOVER 001 800 347 26 83

Please not that Discover Card does not operate outside the US

Q? Pharmacy


The italian word is FARMACIA. They are marked with a red or green cross. Most are open Monday to Saturday from 9.00 AM to 1.00 PM and from 4.30 to 7.30 PM. Hotel reception has information on which pharmacy is open on evenings and weekends.

Q? Doctors

A. Please contact your Tour Director or ask at the hotel reception to call a doctor if required.

Q? Banks - Exchange Office

A. MON-FRY open from 8.30 AM only till 1.00 PM. Some banks open for one hour in the afternoon ( from 2.00 PM till 3.30 PM ). Exchange offices open normally all day where available. PASSPORT REQUIRED to exchange cash and travelers cheques.

Q? Stamps & Calling Cards

A. Sold at TOBACCO shops ( TABACCHI shop - look for a white “T” in black/dark blue background sign ). They can advise of amount depending on destination ( 1,85 euro to North America ). You can purchase at Tabacchi stores or bars, usually the cost is 5,00 euro for 500 minutes and thy starts you have from 200 minutes

Q? Dress


In Italy strict dress codes are forced in all churches. No bare shoulders, shorts & miniskirts. Comfortable shoes is a must! Please remember always a folded umbrella and a raincoat at hand since weather can change quite suddenly in certain seasons. You can purchase for a very cheap price at many souvenirs shops for less than 10,00 euro.

Q? Water


Italians rarely drink anything but bottled mineral water, anyhow tap water is safe for drinking, unless advised otherwise. Mineral Water (acqua minerale) is available in two varieties: frizzy/sparkling ( frizzante or gassata ) or still/flat ( naturale or liscia ).

Q? Bar & Coffe Shops

A. You may stand and eat/drink at the counter, or you may choose to sit at provided tables and be served. Here the price will be higher as service is included. The classical Italian coffee is of course the “espresso”, very strong coffee served in a very small cup. Alternatives are “cappuccino” with frothy milk, or “caffe’ americano” regualr black coffe, or “caffe’ latte” milky coffee.

Q? Toilets

A. Public toilets in Italy are few and far between. There is either an official fee or small tip ( 20c-50c) to the attendant. You are advise to utilise all possible occasion: bars, restaurants, ect. where toilets are reserved only to customers.

Q? Optional Excursions

A. These are designed to complement and entrance the range of sightseeings already included.

Q? Tipping

A. Tipping in Europe is a custom. It is the usual practice in Italy to leave a tip to the hotel staff at the end or during your holiday. Tips are also left to taxi drivers, local guides and directors, at bars, restaurants and anytime you receive an efficient service, to show your appreciation.

"As a tour director one of my tasks is to make people’s vacation a memorable lifetime experience.
Every day is a new unforgettable event. I take care of every detail and every challenge or issue will be handled smoothly.

Your health and safety are always priorities, every question deserves an answer and you must feel very comfortable asking. 

I love my job, sharing my passion for travel, experience and knowledge to make your trip most enjoyable, unforgettable, worry free and also a great educational opportunity."


Marco Campagna, Tour director

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